Himalayan health benefits

Pure Himalayan salt is rich in minerals and an excellent absorber of moisture. One US lab report shows that pure Himalayan salt contains over 86 minerals. When lit, the heat produced from the bulb helps to evaporate the absorbed moisture. During this process, the salt lamp emits negative ions. Negative ions are believed to be nature's weapon against allergens and pollutants in the air e.g. dust, pollen electrical pollution etc. They increase levels of serotonin to relieve stress, improve your mood & boost energy. Moreover, the soft, warm glow from these Salt lamps makes the perfect addition to any home or living room décor. Unlike its competitors, Klass Home Salt Lamps consists of pure genuine Himalayan salt. Each individual lamp is handpicked, and handcrafted by fine artisans. Each lamp is wrapped in clear plastic film with silica gels to save it from the moisture.